Michiana Millworks from Concept to Completion!!!

Michiana Millwork’s Engineering team will assist you in coming up with proper custom solution to meet every requirement, develop a price and a schedule to meet your delivery needs. Below are listed the types of vehicles we are equipped to modify and or customize. Contact us today! We are sure you will enjoy the professionalism of our staff and the execution of your custom project.

What is your custom Platform?


The Sprinter is small, nimble, professional looking and budget conscious.  This unit can be customized inside and out to you company’s specific design requirements.

Box/Straight Truck

Mobile and medium sized, the box truck has a medium footprint. Ask about paint and branding options to make your project complete.

Delivery Truck

Small, easy on the budget and widely available. Can be customized inside and out. We also have the ability to provide for custom stow away shelving and fleet requirement needs.


Small, trendy, and excellent gas mileage. Even in a smaller application there is virtually no limitation on the amount of electrical, mechanical alterations that can be completed of your custom application.

Gooseneck Trailer

Customized or standard gooseneck trailers are a great platform that’s not too big and not too small. Remember with Michiana Millworks customization is our specialty so present your unique application needs and let us design an application that will fit.


Go big or go home, the semi trailer is the largest platform on the road.  Simple modifications to complex mobile office applications are available.

Platform Uses


  • Mobile Recruitment
  • Mobile Merchandising
  • Mobile Vending
  • Mobile Offices
  • Mobile Food Service
  • Mobile Sales
  • Broadcast Centers
  • Storage
  • etc.
  • B2B Product Demonstrations
  • Promotions
  • Product Introductions
  • Product Delivery
  • Service Vehicles
  • Trade Shows
  • Industrial Delivery
  • Government
  • Military
  • Energy
  • B2C Product Demonstrations

The customization options and design options are endless: doors, awnings, stages, windows, pop-outs, tents, attachments, hydraulics, graphics, paint, displays, etc… Call your Michiana Millworks representative today!

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