Michiana Millworks offers a large

range of electrical, mechanical

and structural capabilities.


Don't see what you're looking for?


Electrical connectivity is more important than ever before. Give your workstation an edge with charging stations, lighting and other auxiliary options.


Storage is essential for any workstation. Our options range from space-saving fold away shelving to full cabinets and tool boxes. 


Almost all standard style doors can be used on your workstation. Custom doors can be developed to suit your needs.


Both standard and special equipment can be implemented into your workstation. With electric and mechanical capabilities available, the possibilities are endless.


Flooring is one of our most common customizations. Choose from our selection or discuss a custom solution with our designers.

Planning your Project

Establish your budget and what customizations you'd like to prioritize. Your budget will be a key factor in the design process. Our team can assist you with creating a budget based off of your needs.

Discuss a deadline with our team. It is our goal to complete and deliver your project in a timeframe that works for you.

We are happy to discuss your project and find solutions throughout the design process. Share any of your concerns and needs with us, so we can provide solutions.